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On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Miley Cyrus investigates to find out what people are saying about her.

Sometimes we wish we can hear the real truth from people.

It can really help us reflect on who we are and what we look like to others.

The truth can also be brutally honest so maybe we don’t want to hear it.

Miley Cyrus channels her Hannah Montana days and puts on a disguise. She roams the streets as an Australian woman named Janet and asks strangers what they think about Miley Cyrus. It’s odd that Cyrus was not recognized by her interviewees, with the exception of one man. Then again, not everyone is into pop culture. Though there were awkward moments throughout Miley’s investigation, it was a hilarious video to watch.

Check out below and feast your eyes on the entertaining video.


As Kimmel noted, the “I Witness News” bit had the potential to be awkward should Cyrus — posing as Australian report “Janet” — run into any true haters, but the musician lost neither her accent nor sense of humor. One interviewee not only blasted the entire Cyrus family, but later on suggested, “I think she’s starving for attention and that’s why she’s doing it all crazy like that. She’s missing something somewhere.”

Still, Cyrus had some fun with some of her interviewees, including two teens who sang the chorus of “We Can’t Stop” before joining the eager, pant-suited Janet for a quick twerk. The entire bit ended with one man telling Janet straight up, “I think you’re Miley Cyrus right now.”


While Cyrus downplayed her father’s own reactions to her sartorial selections — “He’d rather me have my tits out and be a good person, than have a shirt on and be a bitch” — she acknowledged one awkward moment her clothes caused during this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

“I was there and we were talking to Paul McCartney, and I saw him not knowing how to talk to me,” Cyrus said, gesturing with her eyes. “Which, I don’t really know how to talk to Paul McCartney, so it made me really comfortable because it made him more uncomfortable. So sometimes it is a nice convo ice breaker. You can be like, ‘Stop staring at my tits!’ and the convo keeps going.”


StreeXB would like to thank Rolling Stone for the article. Click here to watch the funny video!

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