StreeXB Global Talent SearchPals Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence join Billy Joel on stage for the famous hit

So apparently Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are like BFFs.

How awesome is this friendship?

Very awesome! The two funny ladies were meant to be friends and we all benefit from the entertainment the pair brings.

In a recent concert, Billy Joel starts belting out his famous hit “Uptown Girl.” Soon after, Schumer and Lawrence come on stage with him, sing, dance, and climb on the piano! Though it may seem random that Schumer and Lawrence join Joel for the concert, it actually isn’t! If you haven’t caught Schumer’s movie Trainwreck, you might not know that Uptown Girl is actually featured in the movie.

Read through to find the hilarious and entertaining video.

The actresses, who are currently writing a screenplay together, arrived on the Wrigley Field stage dressed in jeans and casual tops with a bunch of friends, including comedian Kyle Dunnigan, to pull a variety of dance moves such as the can-can as Joel performed his famous song Uptown Girl.



The Hunger Games star leaped off the instrument at the end of the track, while Joel helped Schumer clamber down. The pair then dashed off the stage after receiving a hug from the veteran singer.

StreeXB extends special thanks to Toronto Sun for this article. Click here to read more on the fun and watch the video!

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