StreeXB Global Talent SearchOasis has had some pretty interesting album and single sleeve art

This rock band comes to you from the tough streets of Manchester, England.

Tabloids labeled them “rock’s baddest boys” and the members of Oasis set out to live up to their reputation.

They have outstanding artwork that paints colorful stories.

As much as we hate to admit it, we do judge a book by its cover. Obviously this lesson carries on to real life. We’re told that personality matters and the inside is all that counts. Let’s face it, society is superficial. Not all of us are but little bits inside of us show us those superficial tendencies. In this case, the album artwork for Oasis really draws people in which gives them a reason to listen to their music. This English rock band has great music to share with the world and incredible artwork to match.

Go through the article to check out this band’s album artwork.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Oasis? No, apart from drugs and fighting. No, not Knebworth or Britpop or massive ’90s anthems or slagging off other acts or whatever else you’re thinking. Yes, that’s right, classic record sleeves.

Oasis covers, often designed by Brian Cannon’s Microdot, were amongst the most striking of the past 20 years, full of clues, red herrings and tributes to a certain Liverpudlian band of yore – and always with a colourful story attached. Here’s 15 of the best.

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