StreeXB Global Talent SearchBeyoncé has been knocked off the spot as the most popular person on Instagram this week.

We were expecting something like this to happen someday.

BUT we did not know that this was the celebrity to take that spot.

Kim Kardashian sets new a new Instagram record with 44.3 million followers, beating Beyoncé as most popular account.

Beyoncé is no longer the Queen of Instagram thanks to Kim Kardashian and her plethora of selfies. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star now holds the title for the most-followed person on the photo-sharing site, with 44.3 million fans. Beyoncé, however, is still a close second with 44.1 million Instagram followers. I’m sure she’s not doing a shout out for shout out or follow for follow to achieve this many followers. We are hoping that Beyoncé can win that title back. And ladies, watch out for Taylor Swift who isn’t far behind with 43.7 followers.

Check out who else is in the running for the top slot below.

To have the most followers on Instagram is to be, in a sense, the most popular kid at school. Sure, there are a whole bunch of other metrics by which to judge fame and success—net worth, number of awards accumulated, magazine covers—but there is something pretty elemental and straight-forward about a celebrity’s Instagram followership: how many people care enough about your life to want to see glimpses of it mixed in with those of their friends, co-workers, and frenemies?

And for now, as of yesterday, the person who is cared about the most is Kim Kardashian. Yes, Kim has just overtaken Beyoncé to become the most followed person on the social-media app (technically, the “Instagram” account has the most followers, with 94.4 million).


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