StreeXB Global Talent SearchWatch out, y’all, Miley is back as the host of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this show.

Now we have seen what Miley can do and how far she will go to get our attention.

She’s gonna slay at the VMAs this years.

So we hear that Miley Cyrus is about to host the VMA’s this year. What are you expecting? Twerking? Coming down from the ceiling in a hot dog? Well she’s been there and done that. The former Hannah Montana star has actually done a lot of work to tear herself from that Disney persona and has become Miley Cyrus. She has really done it to get attention from her and she’s achieved it. Miley, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

See how Miley is going to tackle the VMA’s this year.


“I have a few things up in the air,” downplays Jesse Ignjatovic, 46, executive producer of the MTV Video Music Awards, two weeks ahead of the curtain rising at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theatre. The Aug. 30 event marks the last time MTV veteran Van Toffler, who officially exited as president of the network in April, toplines the telecast.

What has Van Toffler brought to the show, and how do you say goodbye?

He’s the heart and soul of this show. We’re on calls and meetings every week, and he really inspires [everyone]. In terms of my part, I wouldn’t be doing this show if it wasn’t for Van.

Having Miley Cyrus host seems a risky affair on live TV. How will the network censors deal with her antics?

Miley knows how far she can push things and where it would cross the line.



How will you take advantage of the smaller setting that the 7,100-capacity Microsoft Theater [formerly the Nokia Theatre] offers?

It was important for us to get back into that room where we were in 2011 when we had Beyoncé with the baby bump or Gaga as Jo Calderone or Adele’s performance, when she was solo on the piano and just nailed it.

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