StreeXB Global Talent SearchResearch shows that indie music fans have the most exploratory music tastes compared to pop music fans.

Each genre of music has their fans.

Now if we’re going to categorize the types of fans that each genre brings that wouldn’t be fair.

Each genre of music is welcoming.

Though certain fans pay particular attention to the genre that they prefer, research shows that fans of indie music are the most open minded while listening to different types of music. The same research came to show that pop fans are less welcoming to other types of music. Now, don’t feel bad if you’re a pop fan. Many of us are pop music fans and are in the same boat. Perhaps why indie music fans are more likely to accept other types of music is because indie music is infused with different genres. Indie artists don’t tend to stick with one genre and choose to mix it up. Don’t worry pop fans, we know how much you appreciate music!

Go on and read about the interesting research.

Indie music fans are most open minded to listening to different types of music, while pop fans are much less likely to branch out in their listening habits, according to new research out of McMaster University’s Digital Music Lab.

Researchers in the lab – which is spearheaded by professor Matthew Woolhouse – have spent months pouring over data from more than a billion song downloads since it opened in 2013. Now, the university is starting to release their findings, which delve deep into the way we consume music.


Can music fans play nice with each other?

Woolhouse doesn’t have an easy answer – at least not yet, anyway. “It has to do with more complex sociological reasons that we’re currently exploring,” he said. “We’re trying to get a handle on what features about a musical style make it more attractive to people who are exclusive.”

Rock and pop most popular music genres

The most popular genres in the study were pop and rock music, Woolhouse says, but that’s partly because they’re “so ubiquitous” and have lots of different artists lumped into them.

Researchers are also examining the possibility of expanding the project to include music streaming data in the future.

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