StreeXB Global Talent SearchThe Tea Party celebrates their anniversary in the Land Down Under.

Australia is an intriguing place.

It’s known for its very interesting animals, the scorching heat, its beautiful environment, and let’s not forget that Australian accent!

We wish we could join The Tea Party on their Australian tour!

Married couples don’t last as long as 20 years but The Tea Party is a band that has been active since the 1990s. Wow! In order to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their record The Edges of Twilight, these Canadian rockers are headed off to Australia. Australia may sound like a strange choice but there is a reason behind this decision. The record was released in 1995 and broke into the top of Australian charts. So they are dusting it off and hitting the road to pay homage to its legacy.


Read through to get to know the band and watch a video of their music.

Canadian rockers The Tea Party are continuing to show the love for Australia, with the announcement of their 15th tour of our fine country.



The band are also set to release both a deluxe edition CD and vinyl edition of the original release with remastered audio to commemorate the 20 year anniversary.

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