StreeXB Global Talent Search5 Seconds of Summer announced the release date of their new album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’

The Aussie pop-punk band revealed the good news on Twitter.

Their new album is to be released on October 23rd.

These heartthrobs will make us swoon once again.

That one 5SOS song, I’m sure you got that one stuck in your head. However it was that one line that you constantly head over and over in your head. “You look so perfect standing there, in my American Apparel underwear,” and then we made up the rest of the words because we want to think we know the lyrics when we really don’t. Unless you were a die-hard fan and actually memorized the lyrics to that song. Props to you! Well, 5SOS will be releasing a new album ‘Sounds Good Feels good.’ The first single off the album, ‘She’s Kinda Hot,’ is currently at No. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Learn more about 5SOS and watch their video for ‘She’s Kinda Hot.’

Luke Hemmings, frontman of Aussie emo-gone-pop sensations 5 Seconds of Summer, is embarrassed by all of the songs he produced when he first started writing music. However, he has a happier recollection of one of his initial collaborations with 5SOS bassist Calum Hood. “We were really good friends at school,” he recalls. “Michael [Clifford, 5SOS guitarist] never went to school that much, and I didn’t have that many friends, so I’d be waiting for Calum to get to school and get off his bus.”

Four years after Hemmings, Hood and Clifford began posting acoustic covers of songs by Mike Posner, Chris Brown and Blink-182 on YouTube and added drummer Ashton Irwin to their line-up, they no longer have to skip school to write songs together. Instead, the Australian quartet posted up in a Los Angeles home for a few months, hunkering down to write a follow-up to their self-titled 2014 debut, which hit Number One in the U.S., Australia and 11 other countries worldwide. “I think it was an awakening of a higher sense of making music,” Irwin says. “We hadn’t done it that way before as a band. It was kind of old school. You don’t get a chance to do that much anymore.”

The first song Michael Clifford ever wrote was full of wishful thinking. “I remember writing the stupidest song I’ve written,” he cringes. “It had, like, three chords, and it was about the moon. Something about the moon and a girl. She was a nonexistent girl because I was 12. I wanted to write a song about a girl so that people would be like, ‘Wow! Girls like you?’ And I’d be like ‘Yeah, totally,’ when in reality that’s just not true.”




But that was then. At 19, he and his 5SOS band mates have become bona fide heartthrobs, playing songs about girls who don’t love them every night to arenas filled with girls whose lives at the moment revolve around their love for them. Though they are a pop-punk band at heart, they’re a boy band in aesthetic, creating Top 40 hits (“She Looks So Perfect,” “She’s Kinda Hot”) and peddling merch at tween mall haunt Claire’s in between products for Austin Mahone and their former tour mates One Direction.

Looking ahead to the next phase of their pop journey, the members of 5SOS agree that unity is the key to their success so far. “It’s always been just the four us,” Clifford says. “I think that’s one of the reasons why fans really latched onto us, because they just see us as four equal kids. We always just want [to be] the best we can possibly be, and I hope that never changes. I don’t think that it will.”

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