StreeXB Global Talent SearchNew Orleans indie rock band’s new album spawned by life lessons.

As a band, they have unfortunately seen their fair share of loss over the recording process for this new album.

The loss of a friend while also having two band members quit on them really takes a toll.

They got through it with strong motivation and created an album that you just have to listen to.

Donovan Wolfington’s obstacles taught them new lessons that they have taken and used to grow. When you listen to the album you can tell that this band went through something but made a comeback stronger than ever. The band has managed to release an exciting new record that would make New Orleans proud. It seems like this band has complete control of their sound and it seems to be done effortlessly. There’s a great story behind Donovan Wolfington.

But they are in such effortless and complete control of their sound and aesthetic right now.

Go through the article to check out their music.

This just in: New Orleans has some great music. Crazy, right? In all seriousness, though, NOLA isn’t exactly known for is punk and indie rock, but we’ve got the premiere of an awesome new album that bucks that trend.

“We learned an awful lot about ourselves during this process and these songs are a reflection of those lessons,” guitarist-vocalist Neil Berthier tells Billboard. While recording the album, studio engineer Rick Naiser died from a bone marrow disorder called myelofibrosis, just two weeks after first calling in sick. Losing their friend, around the holidays no less, demanded a massive creative about-face. “In what started out as, ‘Let’s make a record that sounds like Nimrod by Green Day,’ we ended up making How To Treat The Ones You Love. Now we’re all happier and ready to tour forever.”

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