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The summer is just filled with great new songs on the radio.

The season just screams for us to let down our car windows with the radio blasting.

Hey, it might be embarrassing but we get it.

Country continues to penetrate our lives with hits that make your head bob. If you are really against the country genre, chances are that there is some country hit that makes your head bob. I mean, Carrie Underwood’s ‘Before He Cheats’ can be stuck in our heads any day. Before summer ends, the these big country superstars initiate the August fever by releasing new songs on the radio.

Check this out and to jam to these country songs.

Bryan released his second single from Kill the Lights, the very sexy “Strip It Down.” Meanwhile, McEntire put a second fiery song out, but this one stings a little. “Until They Don’t Love You” is a heartbreaker, if you can get past the ultra-fun instrumentation.

McGraw and the Band Perry’s singles will come from new records. Neither has released details on when those projects will be available in full. In fact, few knew the singer and actor was working on a new album. TBP’s new song has been very highly anticipated — they’ve been teasing it for a month!

StreeXB would like to thank Taste Of Country for the heads up. Click here to check out the story.

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