StreeXB Global Talent SearchZayn Malik and Calvin Harris are in a Twitter fight over Taylor Swift

We definitely weren’t expecting this.

However, that’s exactly what happened on Monday when Harris went in total defense mode to protect his girlfriend.

We have another Twitter fight on our hands.

Oh Twitter, here we go again. It seems like Twitter has been mentioned in so many celebrity gossip stories lately. Twitter these days seems to be used as a weapon to fight the battles between two sides. This Twitter fight that ensued has got us all on our toes. After Zayn Malik makes some remarks that may or may not have been targeting Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris jumped in to defend Swift. Looks like she has a noble knight by her side.

Go through the whole article to find out about the fight.


Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik have engaged in a Twitter war over T-Swizzle.

Fight: Harris jumped in to defend girlfriend Taylor Swift, saying she was standing up for all artists.

The social media spat began when Malik, 22, retweeted a post critical of Swift’s refusal to stream her music on Spotify on Monday.

Scottish DJ Harris, 31, quickly took issue and stepped in to defend his girlfriend – leading to a Twitter war of words that quickly deteriorated

The feud started when Zayn retweeted a post comparing Taylor’s refusal to stream her music for free with a quote from Miley Cyrus saying didn’t she care about money. ‘The difference is astounding,’ wrote the poster.

Harris also said that those criticising Taylor didn’t understand the issues at stake. The former country singer famously pulled her music off streaming service Spotify last year, saying they didn’t fairly compensate artists.

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