StreeXB Global Talent SearchLeAnn Rimes goes to extremes to maintain her figure.

One of the most popular things to buzz about in Hollywood is how celebrities keep themselves looking the way we do.

In a society like ours, where the public cares about appearance, poking into the lives of celebs to find out their workout routine is a normal thing that we do.

We are just nosy human beings. It’s not exactly in our nature but we are so used to it by now.

People these days have their own diet and exercise routine. Well at least, some people do. However, in Hollywood health is all the rage. There are these new diets and cleanses to try. There are also new exercise classes to take. Hollywood is obsessed with the healthy life. One celebrity in particular is taking this to the next level. Some may say that it’s even unnecessary. LeAnn Rimes is doing things that are unheard of.

See LeAnn Rime’s routine for yourself and be shocked.

The cost of beauty! LeAnn Rimes revealed just what it takes for her to stay gorgeous in a new interview, detailing her complicated routine for Into the Gloss.
The Grammy winner, 32, dished to the beauty site about how she maintains her figure and handles her skincare, and surprised readers with the lengths she will go to on her quest to look her best.

Once her insides are well-supplemented with the lineup of pills, Rimes works on her body. Eddie Cibrian’s second wife doesn’t have to go far, however, as much of what she needs is at her immediate disposal.

Rimes’ tools for a sunny glow are equally convenient, as she hardly needs to jet off to Bora Bora for a tan.

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