StreeXB Global Talent SearchSheppard pumps the crowd up in Girl Meets World‘s latest episode.

To all you Girl Meets World fans, you just have to watch the latest episode.

Actually if you were hooked on the show, you would’ve already watched it.

Just wanted to give a reminder to anyone that missed the episode.

Remember watching Boy Meets World when you were younger? Well if you’re pretty late with the news, then there is a spinoff starring Cory Matthew and Topanga Lawrence’s daughter, Riley. Maya plays Riley’s best friend as a Shawn-like character. When you actually watch this show you’ll feel nostalgia all over. The latest episode features indie pop band Sheppard singing their hit ‘Geronimo.’

Read about how the indie pop band was featured below.

Let’s talk for a minute about things that are completely random. Why in the world is there an appearance from Sheppard on Friday night’s “Girl Meets World” episode? We are at least reasonably familiar with their song “Geronimo,” but we don’t quite understand if there is any real connection at all here between this song and the show … other than that we are having a semi-formal dance, and apparently the producers wanted some sort of live band to be present there.

As for how a New York public school managed to somehow convince a popular Australian band to stop by for a performance, your guess is as good as ours.

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