StreeXB Global Talent SearchNow, there’s an even newer wave of bands rolling up in Western Massachusetts

It’s really astonishing to see Western Massachusetts reemerging as a spot for excellent indie rock.

Various indie rock talents and indie rock artists launch from this music scene.

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There is something really special about the Western Massachusetts indie rock scene. The scene really is proud of their musicians and support them in their growth. Indie artists are able to play with their creativity. Western Massachusetts seems to be doing it right and offers many opportunities so that indies have the chance to become successful. Sounds lovely if that can be a thing that could be a cool idea to bring to each city across the nation.

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Western Massachusetts is having another moment. Long known in indie circles as the birthplace of Dinosaur Jr., where Black Francis met Joey Santiago before starting the Pixies, and the post-New York, pre-divorce home of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, the Pioneer Valley 100 miles west of Boston has more recently launched bands including Speedy Ortiz, Potty Mouth, and California X. And now, there’s an even newer wave of bands rolling up behind them.

“It’s such a good, nurturing place for musicians,” says Hannah Mohan of Northampton, a focal point of the Western Mass scene, along with Amherst and other nearby towns. The guitarist’s indie-pop trio And the Kids (pictured) are among the scene’s brightest creative lights, and their trajectory is indicative Western Mass’ community-oriented support system. Mohan and bandmate Rebecca Lasaponaro met Megan Miller in 2012, when all three were summer interns at the nearby institue for the Musical Arts, which hosts rock camps for girls and women interested in music and the music business. They’ve since signed with Northampton-based Signature Sounds for their upcoming debut album, Turn to Each Other, due out next month.

Another big factor in Western Mass’ creative sustainability is its colleges. Northampton, a city of about 28,000 people, is home to Smith College, and Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst are all nearby. Higher education is what attracted Speedy Ortiz leader Sadie Dupuis to move from Brooklyn to teach writing and pursue an MFA in poetry at UMass before breaking away to concentrate full-time on music. “It’s a small, super-liberal college town that has a history of spawning a bunch of artistic endeavors,” Dupuis says of Northampton.

“One of the strong suits of western Mass is that it’s very independent of its neighboring cities,” Sonelab engineer Pizzoferrato says. “There’s Boston and New York pretty close by, but I feel like western Mass has its own niche and has for quite a long time.” It’s a niche that local musicians are proud of. “We’ve been put on a lot of bills as a Boston band, but our scene is not the same,” Rosazza says. “Western Mass is the underdog, so bands here have to work harder to get noticed, and that has produced some really unique music.”

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