StreeXB Global Talent SearchCountry darling Cam gives the exclusive to her EP

It’s really cool to see an artist’s journey as they start out.

Like a movie, starting out slowly but then getting to the exciting part of the story.

Artists appreciate their fans for sticking by them from the very beginning.

Artists that share their lives with their fans is a sign that they care. They did not have to take that extra mile to prove themselves. However, those who do take that extra step are adored by fans and receive the best support from them. Cam wants to share the story behind her EP and raise awareness of the country genre through her new video series. Not only does this spotlight shine on Cam, but on the whole country genre as well.

Check out the article to see what she’s up to.


Cam exploded onto the country music scene earlier this year with her hit single “My Mistake”. Now, she wants to take her fans behind-the-scenes of her EP and rise to the country music spotlight.





Welcome to Cam Country – Behind the EP debuts each Wednesday on VEVO and is currently in its third installment.

Cam’s “Burning House” currently ranks as the highest-charting solo female single on the Billboard and Country Aircheck country airplay tallies for a second consecutive week as it jumps to #24 and #26, respectively.


StreeXB would like to thank Country Fancast for this article. Watch a clip of her video series right here.

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