StreeXB Global Talent SearchFormer Filipino child star Tom Taus is now a DJ in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but he hasn’t turned his back on his past.

Taus has been making a name for himself in Hollywood as a DJ. At 27, Taus is now known as “DJ Tommy T” to the Los Angeles club crowd.

Former child actor Tom Taus is back in the Philippines 14 years after leaving the country to migrate to the United States.

Remember Tom Taus? Look at him now.

Born in Angeles City, Philippines, Tom Taus had a successful career when he was 13-years-old from Ang Munting Prinsipe, as Cedric Erol (meaning The Little Prince) way back in the 1996 Filipino family film. As they moved to the United States Tom had an interest to become a DJ due to the influence of his sister’s DJ friends back in Manila. He then went on to pursue his dream and tried working hard until fame hit him in Hollywood and Vegas. However, now returning back to the Philippines for a vacation, Tom is open to return to acting.

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“I guess I just wanted a change. I wanted to experience something new in my life, go to a different country, be somebody totally different,” said Taus.

Taus said he has fond memories of his child star days, but has no plans to return to acting.

He, however, said he would like to have a DJ gig in the Philippines in the future.

How he started his DJ career

“I tried it out, I DJ-ed at a birthday party. I was like, when I get back to Los Angeles, I’m going to buy the whole set up and really work hard at it, not waste my time, but really invest my time well, and see what comes out of it,” Taus related.

Through Filipinos who stage events in Los Angeles, he was able to put his foot in the door.

No love life

Taus, however, said one downside of his hectic schedule is he has no time for a love life.

“I’ve been single for a while now. I’ve been busy working on my music. This is really what I want to work on now, really concentrate and put my time into it,” he said.

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