StreeXB Global Talent SearchBetween Michele and Grande, this duo would be a powerful one

I’ve been a fan of Lea Michele since Glee. Dorky Rachel Berry believed in her dreams and achieved what she sought after. Michele’s performance and talent really made that show what it was.

Ariana Grande was the cutest little Cat on Victorious. Little did we all know the massive voice that Cat had in store. That really tells us that looks are deceiving.

Look at where they are now. Michele has released a solo album and has been featured on the Billboard charts. Grande has also dominated the Billboard charts and has had successful tours internationally. If these two can collaborate and do a song together, imagine how perfect it would be. These two divas would create a powerhouse chart-topper. For now, let’s just get ourselves excited that they are going to be in the same television show, Scream Queens.

Read through below to find out about the possible collab between Michele and Grande.

Lea Michele may play an outcast on Scream Queens, while Ariana Grande’s inside the sorority circle, but in real life, they’re so close.

“Ari’s so fun, and it’s so great having her,” Lea said after the Scream Queens panel on August 6. “She’s an actress. She’s an incredible singer, but she’s a great actress. I had to do this hilarious scene with her the other day and we were just cracking up.”

Lea, who takes on the role of Hester, an unpopular girl in a neck brace looking to join the sorority, also added, “Oh my god, I want to sing with her so bad,” but guys — it won’t be on the show. No singing on this one, but Lea said “maybe in a concert!”

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