StreeXB Global Talent SearchCan Zayn really make it as a solo artist?

Zayn Malik signs on for a solo career.


Though he has the voice of an angel, some are doubtful that he can succeed as a solo artist.

After all, we have been admiring him as a part of a band.

The 22-year-old singer broke the Internet when he made a shocking departure from popular boy band One Direction. Now, there are many rumors out there as to why Zayn actually left the group. It may be hard to believe anything anymore. Anyways, maybe Zayn just wants the chance to grow as an artist. Look at Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake. They were once a part of a group but still managed to successfully become a solo artist. Zayn, follow your dreams and good luck!

Go through the article below to find out more about the 1D vs. Zayn tension.

Proving my theory that there’s no such thing as a truly amicable breakup–even between bros – Zayn Malik is throwing some serious shade at his former One Direction bandmates. Last week, the ousted singer inked a solo deal with RCA and wasn’t at all gracious about it on Twitter…




Same for the rest of the band, apparently. In a surprise move, the boys released a new song called–wait for it–”Drag Me Down”.  The tune doesn’t seem to be Zayn-y at all, but the title certainly has its implications and the release timing cannot be a coincidence, don’t you agree?

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