StreeXB Global Talent SearchFrom roaming the high school hallways as high-powered Blair Waldorf to singing her heart out as an indie artist

Gossip Girl actress turned singer Leighton Meester has been busy on the music scene.

The album that she has released is a blend of indie pop and rock, with a little twang that gives it a unique sound.

Who knew that Blair Waldorf could pull it off?

If you haven’t realized that Leighton Meester has released an album, take the time and listen to it. Amazingly powerful stuff. Clearly “Heartstrings” is the most popular single in her album. We can’t anticipate how individuals may respond to the thought of somebody best known for acting suddenly turning to the universe of music. Anyone that does that deserves recognition because that transition is quite difficult. Leighton, we are rooting for you!

Go through here to check out Meester’s musical transition.

Produced by Jeff Trott—who has worked with the likes of Stevie Nicks and Counting Crows—Heartstrings is easily one of the most honest albums we’ve heard in quite some time; perhaps due in part to Meester’s hands-on approach, which included learning the guitar and songwriting.



Within the first ten seconds of the title track, it’s pretty apparent that Meester has come a long way since the over-sexed “Somebody to Love” and her appearance on Cobra Starship’s ultra-poppy “Good Girls Go Bad.” Favoring layered melodies, shimmering vocals, and breathy interludes, tracks like “Runaway” and “Sweet” are unbelievably endearing, wholesome indie dream pop anthems.

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