StreeXB Global Talent SearchCountry singer Sturgill Simpson wins big at the Libera Awards

It’s artists like this guy that gives us hope for the future of country music.

He has a thundering voice that is sure to make hearts swoon.

This year his hard work has paid off as he has won Breakthrough Artist of the Year and also won for Heritage Album of the Year.

It’s hard enough for the indies to get noticed in the music industry so it makes sense that country indie music has an extremely rough time making it in the industry. That’s why this story caught our attention. Anytime an indie artist wins, it’s another success story for an indie that’s made his or her way through the tough obstacles. We understand the hard work that went into it. Congratulations Mr. Simpson!

Read through this and read this success story.


New York (AFP) – Sturgill Simpson, the country singer who brings philosophical rumination to his twang, has proved his crossover appeal with wins at the independent music industry’s awards.

Simpson was named Breakthrough Artist of the Year and also won for Heritage Album of the Year on Thursday night in New York at the Libera Awards, the annual prizes of the American Association of Independent Music.



While the awards are open to any artist who is not on a major label, “indie” has traditionally been associated with guitar-driven rock without the gloss of commercial pop.

Amid a growing mainstream audience in the United States for country music, Simpson has been playing major music festivals including Coachella and Bonnaroo.

While his genre often focuses on base instincts, Simpson has described his latest album, “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music,” as a philosophical journey inspired in part by the writings of French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.


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