robbe_profileMy name is Robbe Hardnette. I’m the founder of StreeXB. I’ve been in the music industry for many years. I’ve sang with Marvin Gaye and booked concerts for the biggest stars. Over the years I’ve seen to many great indie artists fall off the beaten path and never get heard.

If You’re an Indie Artist

Then you’ll be happy to know that I founded StreeXB to help indie music artists be heard. Our community is dedicated to providing you with the training, support, and knowledge to help you get heard. So if you really want to launch your music career make sure that you enroll with us today.  I’m not alone in the mission. I’ve attracted music superstars to help me reach this goal. You’ll have access to these music icons. Members of our community will interact, train, and teach you the things you need to know to enjoy a successful music career.

You can earn while you learn.

Indie artists have struggled for years to earn income while they wait for that big break. For members of StreeXB that’s a thing of the past. Once you’re a member (or if you’re already a member) you’ll receive a welcome letter explaining our Songs of Profit sharing program. This program allows you to earn income by simply following what we teach you in the program.

If you’re a fan we have a lot to offer you.

When you join as a free member you’ll have access to all the newest indie stars. You’ll have the opportunity to not only hear great music but to also get on our priority list and even earn back stage passes and so much more.

Discover a Star become a StreeXB Ambassador

Imagine if you discovered a music superstar! StreeXB Ambassadors scout the streets of cities and towns around the world looking for music talent. When a StreeXB Ambassador discovers a music superstar and register them with StreeXB they will be forever recognized as the person discovering a music superstar. Recognition is more than just fame, it’s also FORTUNE! StreeXB Ambassadors can earn big bucks. The StreeXB Ambassador Program is open to all. If you’re a fan or indie artist and you have dreamed about getting into the music industry, the StreeXB Ambassador Program is for you.

StreeXB Ambassadors benefits include

  • You get you’re own custom Ambassador Landing page click here to see example
  • The ability to earn a part time or full time income
  • The ability to earn residuals from the indie music superstars that you discover
  • Access to our exclusive StreeXB Ambassador ‘Discover a Star’ training program
If you’re interested in rubbing elbows with music icons, walking the red carpet, and enjoy the fame plus the financial rewards that come with it, then click here for the details!

Enter StreeXB’s Global Talent Contest! It’s for both Artists and Fans